College Textbook Accessories

A college textbook is rarely a standalone item. College textbooks usually come with an instructor, a classroom, assignments, tests, homework, and a field of study, split into sections and topics. College textbooks will inevitably bring accessories with them. Some accessories help a student tremendously, while other accessories will help in small instances.

A commonly known college textbook accessory is a book cover. In high schools all around the United States, students are being held responsible for the condition of their textbooks. Consequently, elastic book covers are recommended to shield the book from abrasion and smearing over the course of its use. A college student, who is financially responsible for selling or returning a book, can make use of this simple technology also.

A bookmark is another obvious accessory, but there have been improvements upon the common book mark that are growing in popularity. Companies like Post It and Staples are producing small, tapered paper flags that stick on one end. A reader can place the sticky end down on the page they are reading, and then close the book leaving the flag to stick out of the pages. Sticky flags come in multiple colors and can be offset, making indexing quick and easy.

A booklight can be surprisingly awarding to a college student. When a student is living the college life, they’ll often find themselves in unregulated and capricious conditions. It’s the classic scene to spot a college kid reading late at night, or just before bed, perhaps, for that coming final. Guaranteeing oneself a reading light wherever one goes is not a very expensive utility.

The near inseparable companion to a college textbook is looseleaf paper. The primary reason for this is the homework assignments laid out in the book to compliment the chapter. Often times, notes will be taken in class, requiring a quick piece of paper on which to jot some ideas. Writing assignments will often be the responsibility of a page in a college textbook.

Looseleaf paper can be stored in folders, or it can be bound to a spine in a notebook. A college student in a hurry will find themselves leaving notes crammed into the textbook’s pages for quick transport. There’s technically no wrong way to transport your materials, so long as they stay in acceptable condition.

A bookbag or backpack can be considered an accessory to textbooks. If it weren’t for college textbooks, a student could carry their paper materials in their hand. A backpack, then, could be considered the most important college textbook accessory.

Backpacks come in all sizes, shapes, and styles. Trends, price, storage type, storage amount, material used, and durability will all affect what backpack is right for any given student. What is universally advisable is to purchase a backpack that can support the weight of your textbooks. If a student is taking 4 classes. Their backpack may be holding 20 – 24 pounds in college textbook weight alone!

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